How it all started? I was already working on my first Autify project (bringing turn-by-turn navigation, podcasts and apps to older cars without Android Auto integrated) and I was asked by one of our users to make our app for biking. I made my research and I was quite surprised that none of apps for bikers offers an easy way to use your favorite turn-by-turn navigation in cooperation with f. e. fitness app or weather forecast app. That’s why we decided to transform our app into bike friendly. And that’s how Autify Sport project started.

Autify project was born in 2016 in Prague.

Zdenek Dusatko | Founder | Android Freak


Zdeden Dusatko - Autify team member

Zdenek Dusatko

Co-Founder | Android Freak

Pavel Skrobanek - Autify team member

Pavel Skrobanek

Co-Founder | Graphics Lover

Jakub Levy - Autify team member

Jakub Levy

Co-Founder | Sport Lover

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